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Who is julia?

After spending 25+ years as a critical care nurse, I was introduced to an exceptional, forward-thinking, dental provider that was able to treat my intractable migraines and sleep issues successfully. This chance meeting opened up a whole new world for me! I began applying myself to taking multiple sleep and craniofacial courses and devouring ever-expanding research leading to the discovery that sleep is so much more than just closing one’s eyes.

Realizing that this information is sorely lacking in all areas of healthcare as well as in the general population, I embarked on a journey of raising awareness. First, through the creation of an International Airway Advocate program for The Foundation for Airway Health, and then as Editor-in-Chief of Best Sleep Magazine.

I am a member of multiple professional bodies, lecture internationally, and am an expert in applying sleep, TMJ, and craniofacial assessments in healthcare environments.


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Sleep Recovery

Sleep is one of the most underrated tools we have to stay healthy!

Let's take the time to conduct a comprehensive physical assessment and dig deep into your health history to decipher symptoms of underlying sleep disorders and the resulting neuro dysregulation that has developed along the way...

illustrations by Javan.K.O Arts

Emotional Regulation

Do you ever wonder why you or your loved ones seem to be struggling? Many seeking help have no clue about the connection between their presenting problems and their ability to regulate their emotions.

If you are curious as to what could be holding you back from living your best life, despite your best intentions, then let me help you get to the root cause.

illustrations by Javan.K.O Arts

Restore Vitality

As a Master-trained "Breath as Medicine" Provider, I will provide you with the foundational skills and breathing techniques for stress reduction, improved sleep, upper respiratory health, mental health resiliency, fitness and exercise performance, weight loss, heart health, cognitive health, emotional intelligence and so much more!

Health Coaching

Julia's extensive, 25+ year nursing expertise in Critical Care, Psychiatry, and the Dental Sciences, makes her well suited to help restore harmony to your sleeping cycles, nervous system, and your whole body!

No longer do you need to suffer with chronic pathologies that are generally considered “lifestyle” issues by the allopathic medical establishments.

Julia teaches your body to regulate its nervous system and allow for a full, restorative night’s sleep. She will help optimize each stage of your sleep for maximum benefit!

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With breath retraining and at-home products and protocols, we teach your body to regulate its nervous system to allow for a full, restorative night’s sleep. We optimize each stage of sleep for your maximum benefit.

Speed2Treat® offers medical practices a cost-effective first aid kit for head, neck, and jaw injuries that provides critical early intervention to help reduce pain amplification and behaviors that can lead to chronic TMJ disorders.

Life and Death by the Power of the Tongue


“I have had snoring issues for many years tortured my poor wife. Julia was extremely thorough and professional. After a detailed survey on my part and an office evaluation it was determined that I did not have sleep apnea but only required some strategies that have been extremely successful.” - Robert F

“I’ve had 7 hours of sleep! In a row! Why the exclamation points? Because it’s been YEARS since I’ve slept like that. I’m so thankful to Julia for her advice and help! I don’t even have the words! She’s helped me change my life!” - Jodi B

“Julia is a woman on a mission! Her extensive knowledge in the area of sleep and airway health is incomparable in the field of nursing and dental hygiene.

With Julia’s help, my sleep has improved drastically!" - Laurie B

“Julia is a one of a kind and trust me I have come across many different skilled professionals in my career. She impresses me with her self-motivation, outside the box thinking and definitely one that likes to be challenged. Extremely motivated, energetic and definitely passionate about pain and sleep." - Mayoor P

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